PBI UII Organized a Preparation for PLP (Pengenalan Lapangan Persekolahan) 2023

English Education Department of Universitas Islam Indonesia organized a Preparation for Teaching Practice or Pengenalan Lapangan Persekolahan (PLP) 2023 as a part of the PLP program on Saturday, September 16, 2023, at the auditorium of the Faculty of Psychology and Socio-cultural Sciences. The goal of the preparation was to help PLP participants prepare for the main PLP program which will shortly take place in the final week of September.

The preparation presented two speakers. The first was a teacher from Kasihan 1 Senior High School, Yogyakarta, Miss Ismi Fajarsih, M.Pd, and the second was a lecturer from the English Education Department UII, Sir Willy Prasetya, S.Pd., M.A. The event started with an opening remark from Sir Willy Prasetya S.Pd., M.A. as the head of PLP 2023. He expressed his hope that PLP participants would gain knowledge and make the most of this chance to put their pedagogical abilities into practice. Came next was the main event, the presentation from the speakers, which was separated into two sessions.

The first session with Miss Ismi Fajarsih, M.Pd provided students with insights into the actual circumstances of teaching in schools. These include class placements, the amount of time allotted for learning in the classrooms, and the curriculum being employed. She also emphasized the need to teach students the two concepts, namely the 6 Cs and Profil Pelajar Pancasila. Apart from that, Mrs. Ismi shared advice for the participants on how to apply ethical communication and behavior by norms throughout PLP, as well as tips on how to provide opportunities for their future students to do reflection through ‘Exit Slips’.

Willy Prasetya, S.Pd., M.A. continued with the second session by presenting a few important materials. He covered stages of PLP, school activities, participant responsibilities, and rights, as well as rules and consequences for the violations based on the 2023 PLP Guidelines. He also gave alternative solutions for the concerns that participants had regarding teaching focus. These range from language function, grammar, English proficiency, and other things that may happen during PLP. In addition, he highlighted the value of courtesy in the classroom and school, which had previously been stressed by Ms. Ismi. The session was concluded by announcing the participants’ names and their school placements.

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