English Education Department, Islamic University of Indonesia is designed to prepare students to be able to compete at international level and contribute in Southeast Asian region. The curriculum, learning process and learning facility at English Education Department, Universitas Islam Indonesia provide opportunities for students to interact directly with native speakers in multicultural contexts through various programs. There are four featured programs provided by English Education Department, Universitas Islam Indonesia, namely:


Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) Cambridge

English Education Department, Islamic University of Indonesia has become one of the test centers of the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) for international teacher certification test.

Cambridge TKT is a globally recognized modular set of teaching qualifications to test teaching knowledge and skills. This certificate is very crucial and necessary for prospective and experienced teachers who use English as the medium language to teach in international schools. 


Australia Teaching Practicum

English Education Department, Islamic University of Indonesia has process-based curriculum that provides opportunities for student to learn both inside and outside the classroom. The learning method of field practicum is part of the featured programs at English Education Department, Islamic University of Indonesia. One of the field practicum programs is called Australia Teaching Practicum and it has been held annually since 2006. This program provides opportunities for students from any batch to have experience as teacher assistants in three Secondary College located in Victoria, namely Dromana, Mornington and Rosebud Secondary College. The students who pass the selection will be departed to Victoria and live with the host family for 2 weeks. Moreover, they will have a teaching class schedule that can improve their teaching skills. Australia Teaching Practicum will not only improve students’ English proficiency but also develop their independence, adaptability to new environments, decision making skills, and cultural understanding in the family, school and community context.

ASEAN Teaching Practicum

As prospective English Language educators, the students have broad teaching career opportunities both on a national and international scale. In order to support students’ teaching abilities at the international level, the English Education Department, Islamic University of Indonesia has a program called SEA-Teacher Project an ASEAN Teaching Practicum or Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia which is facilitated by SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization). This program will improve students’ teaching competence with global insight to prepare them facing competition in ASEAN Economic Community and in the 21st century teacher professionalism context. The students who pass the selection will have the opportunity to teach English for 1 month in Thailand and Philippines schools. Those selected students are not required to conduct the compulsory teaching practicum in Indonesia because the result of their teaching assessment from ASEAN Teaching Practicum can replace and is already recognized as a part of the students’ transcript to graduate requirements.

Malaysia Teaching Practicum

Malaysia Teaching Practicum program is the newest program in English Education Department, Islamic University of Indonesia which started in 2021. This program is provided for students who take Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) as their concentration subject. The selected student will experience teaching practice at the elementary school called Brainy Bunch Islamic International Montessori School, Malaysia. By participating in this program, the students are expected to be able to implement what they have learned in TEYL classes and improve their global experience and cross-cultural understanding.