Lu’luatul Awaliyah

PBI UII 2017
Runner-up, Mahasiswa Berprestasi Universitas Islam Indonesia 2020

I am so grateful to be part of the English Language Education department UII because they helped me find my passion and make my dreams come true. One of them was going to Australia to teach. The learning atmosphere in PBI UII is also amazing. I have learned a lot of things from many good people here. The courses taught in the English Language Education department UII are meaningful and beneficial for me especially in achieving my dream to go global. So, let’s make your dreams come true. Drive your passion and move forward with the English Language Education department UII.

Rahmad Saputra, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2016

“Some people spend much of their young adulthood trying to figure out what they want to do to achieve their dreams. I have known since the beginning that PBI UII was the right place to open the door for multiple valuable opportunities and learning experiences as a milestone to achieve my dreams.

Looking back on my time, I tried my best to maintain an excellent academic career. I also involved myself in student organizations and events to enrich my interpersonal skills. Later on, I had many memorable experiences during my time at PBI UII. One of the best experiences was in 2019. I was rewarded a scholarship from my department to teach and promote Indonesian culture to Australian students in Dromana Secondary College in Australia. It provided me with a wide insight into both educational systems and intercultural learning. I also successfully wrote research on English Language Teaching, and it was selected to be presented and published at an international conference in Osaka, Japan.

Throughout my bachelor’s degree, I learned a lot, not just academically, but about life and what really matters in the end from the people I met. Having surrounded by many wonderful friends and lecturers had provided me with new perspectives and valuable information that kept me critically thinking and overcoming my lack of self-confidence. I hope everyone who comes to PBI UII can find a strong community that teaches them more than just academia can.”

Rahmad Saputra (PBI UII 2016) was a PBI UII alumni. He was awarded the Global Korea Scholarship for a Master’s degree in Kongju National University, and he is currently awaiting clearance to depart for South Korea. Best of luck!

Diah Agustina Ratu, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2016
Student Teacher in Australia and Thailand

The English Language Education department UII paved a way for me to become a future teacher. Through its programs, I had the opportunity for global engagement and mobility, including PPL Australia, SEAMEO SEA-Teacher in Thailand, TESOL international conferences, and more. It was great to be part of the English Language Education department UII with its quality education (the Best Private University 2019) as well as its commitment to fostering Islamic values . I invite you to challenge yourself at the English Language Education department UII.

Rima Juniar, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2015
Education Consultant in SEAST (South East Asia Study & Travel)

What I love most at the English Language Education department UII is how the lecturers and the students interact. This kind of interaction helped us to feel more comfortable both inside and outside the classroom. Besides, I love writing research papers, and with the help and guidance from the lecturers I could participate in some international conferences abroad.

Fitri Alfia, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2015
Writer of A pure Serendipity
Freelance translator

I want to be a translator and editor, and becoming a writer is a stepping-stone to improve my ability and achieve my goal. To be a good translator and editor, I must have a better understanding of literature. By becoming a writer, I learn a lot of new vocabulary everyday because I need to read a lot to be able to write. What I learned from intensive and extensive reading courses during college turns out to be very helpful. My self-editing skill is also crucial in the process of writing, and a lot of journal article review I did in college turns out to be useful. Lastly, thanks to the translation class, I found my passion for literature. I am sure this step will get me closer to my career goal.

Satriyo Kusuma Wibowo, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2014
Data Operator in KPU

As a data operator I not only deal with data but also teach Ad hoc institutions that will be directly involved in the election. From the English Language Education Department UII, I learned a lot of knowledge, especially ICT-based learning. It makes it easier to find and implement effective teaching methods to teach those institutions. Besides, I felt comfortable studying at the English Language Education Department UII because the lecturers were not only competent but also able to provide an emotional approach to their students.

Edwin Haryanto, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2013
General Farmhand in Sweets Strawberry Runners, Australia

I got a 0,14 GPA in the first semester and once I nearly dropped out of college. I survived college and completed all the courses well thanks to the lecturers who have patiently and tirelessly taught me and guided me so I can be better.
My hard work paid off. I flew to Australia for the first time in 2017 as a participant of PPL Australia program. The wonderful experience has made me dream of going back there for work after I graduated. With the lesson and knowledge from PBI UII I am currently living a fabulous life in Australia as an international worker, and I will not stop chasing the dream.

Alfiana Asti Premasari, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2013
Graduate Student, Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
Member of University Disability Support & Service Center

As a member of University Disability Support and Service Center, I take part in improving students’ accessibilities and people awareness of students with disabilities. My involvement in disability communities began after I had completed my community service program. At that time, I taught English to people with special needs. It was one of the best opportunities to practice all skills that I had learned from the English Language Education Department UII. The experience made me grateful for the opportunity to get higher education.

Muhammad Mukhlas, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2013
English Teacher in PT. Stanbrain Pendidikan Indonesia, East Jakarta

Studying at the English Language Education Department UII was an unforgettable experience. I learned a lot of educational knowledge, particularly on how to teach English that fits well with the 21st century skills. Practically, pedagogical knowledge that I learned from the English Language Education Department UII really supports me in teaching English in the institution in which I am working now.

Teguh Aiman Perdana Lubis, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2012
Account Manager in Ruangguru, Indonesia

My role in this company is to build a strong relationship between schools and Ruangguru and help the schools provide a different learning experience for their students. I got many lessons from the English Language Education Department UII to help me build my career at Ruangguru. I learned a lot about communication, management, and critical thinking from courses provided by the department. I also participated in many activities supported by the department. One memorable thing was joining PPL Australia in Melbourne for 2 weeks. Teaching in a secondary college in Melbourne gave me a wonderful experience and lessons that took me to another level.

Syahrul Yaqin, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2016
English Teacher at Mutiara Persada Yogyakarta

“When you ask me what makes PBI UII exceptional, you will most likely get this almost cliche answer, ‘the people in it’. I genuinely believe that PBI UII’s rich academic environment is a product of its people. My time at PBI UII was a mosaic of the people I’ve met, from friends to lecturers, advisors, and even the staff I relied on. Being among a group of people with passion and intellect, it was easy for me to maintain a focus on my academic career here at PBI UII.

PBI UII was a fantastic place to spend years. There were endless opportunities and resources to take advantage of. One of the greatest opportunities I got was the chance to present my research at an international conference in Osaka, Japan.

Now that I have finished my bachelor’s degree at PBI UII, I am currently working at Mutiara Persada Multi Community School in Bantul, Yogyakarta with a pocket full of knowledge, skills, and teaching tricks from PBI UII.”

Fatchan Faturrahman, S.Pd.

PBI UII 2016
English Teacher at Afkaaruna Islamic School, Yogyakarta

“Destiny has brought me to be a part of PBI UII. Almost 4 years, I spent my whole time in the valley of knowledge with ups and downs. I try to set up the brick wall step by step with so many challenges. I do expect that I can optimize my potentials and overcome my fears to face the future. PBI UII makes lots of pieces of my dream came true by joining some student exchange programs, events and by having a big responsibility to become the head of EDSA UII.

“Keep learning, keep growing”
“Be unstoppable, be a fruitful person”
Those words are inspiring always day by day.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Thank you PBI UII for leading my way.” 

Ladhena Bernadeta 

PBI UII 2018

“I have always been interested in how people communicate and interact with each other, and the exchange that happens in PBI UII is one of the most exciting examples of how people learn not only to study but also to be part of the society. In PBI UII, I feel that the door of opportunity to what fascinates me about language and education is widely open.

PBI UII is a place where I learn to be more confident to communicate in English. My lecturers here always encourage me and all students to take risks and express ourselves. My confidence led me to become a personal tour guide at Couch Surfing. I used to learn foreign languages and cultures through books I read, but this opportunity gave me a space to understand culture, language, and personality from real people. Who I am today cannot be separated from the role of my teachers and friends in PBI UII. I look up to these people and see them as one of my most valuable resources here at PBI UII.” 

Nur Najmi Laila 

PBI UII 2018

“Having surrounded by an intellectual community in PBI UII has changed the way I see the world and inspired me in many ways. PBI UII provided me a space to grow into an excellent teacher. Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) concentration in this department has allowed me to improve my teaching abilities. I got many references for fun activities, media, and learning methods that I can implement to create a fun classroom atmosphere. Later on, I applied this knowledge and skills in a real classroom at Fahmil Quran Islamic Boarding School for teaching English to young learners.

Teaching has been a wonderful experience for me. I am grateful for being part of PBI UII, which has opened the horizon for my creativity and critical thinking. Everyone and everything in PBI UII helped me shine brighter so that I could brighten the lives of others. I learned to be a valuable person to my surroundings by sharing my knowledge and skills from this department. Thank you, PBI UII!” 

Ninik Tri Astutik

PBI UII 2017

“One of the things that makes PBI UII special is that you will get a wonderfully supportive learning environment to help you grow. In 2020, I had the opportunity for a research collaboration with my lecturer. We were preparing for presenting our research in a conference in the Philippines. I was so excited about going abroad for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the pandemic. I was very disappointed at that time. However, my lecturer encouraged me to continue the research and publish it, and we made it! Our research was finally published in a scholarly journal.

The research collaboration experience with my lecturer became a turning point for me that has made me one step ahead of other students, especially in research stuff. Besides making it easier for me to work on my undergrad thesis, it has allowed me to help my friends who had any difficulties in doing their theses.” 

You can read the research paper on:

Abdulrahman Mohammed

PBI UII 2020

“I can’t believe that I am now a sophomore. Having spent the school year during the pandemic has been a bumpy ride. Sometimes, I found it quite challenging because I had to adjust to different time zone. I’m in Yemen, while my friends and lecturers are all in Indonesia. However, I got through it and got an extraordinary learning experience at PBI UII.

I was totally inspired by a helpful community of students in this department. I also met many excellent lecturers who make the learning environment extra supportive. Sometimes we discuss certain topics through literature that create a space in a way that can help us grow together, and I am so thankful for that.

I’m looking forward to the day we’re all studying on campus and share incredible stories.”

Nadeeya Sanmamood

PBI UII 2019

“I am an international student who flew all the way down from Thailand to Indonesia, studying at PBI UII. At that time, one of my biggest fears was that I would not be able to conform to diversity and new communities. But here at PBI UII, they provided me a home of comfort and warmth, so I didn’t feel different at all. Ever since day one, I was very impressed by such a wonderful community of students. I also met very humble lecturers who gave me support and inspiration. My lecturers in this department are not only teachers but also my advisors. For that, I am so thankful. At PBI UII I found a home away from home.

As I spent this school year online, I eagerly look forward to returning to campus to reconnect with the friends and lecturers, making new friendships, and building relationships with the rest of the fantastic college I have yet to meet.”

Chintya Arlita

PBI UII 2018

“There were many people in my academic community who supported me throughout my education journey in PBI UII and for whom I am incredibly grateful. I am thankful for friends and lecturers as a loving community who shared many of my struggles and fears. I was able to find a lot of inspiring lecturers here in PBI UII. They are role models for me to grow into an excellent educator and build relationships between teachers and students to extend growth as an individual.

PBI UII did much to shift my views on education. As studying at PBI UII, I have grown a person who cares about education in Indonesia. I also have a great desire to contribute to the advancement of Indonesian education. PBI UII is a home where I find access to resources I would have struggled to win. I can pave my way to broaden my horizons to the outside world through the programs in this department. Even during the pandemic, I was still able to collaborate with my friends, and one of my lecturers participated in the KTI national level competition and became a finalist. That was another aspect I appreciated from PBII UII, which shape me for who I am today.”

Chintya Arlita (PBI UII 2018) shared her meaningful story as a student at PBI UII. She is currently having an internship at Sahabat Guru in the training division. Chintya also has many impressive achievements. She is one of the Top 10 of the most outstanding students of UII 2021 and won the favorite paper in IDEA Scientific Papers Competition 2020.

Ferbiana Nerissa Arvenina 

PBI UII 2018

“Having my bachelor’s degree in PBI UII has allowed me to oversee the role of an educator. As one of the most influential role models for developing students, teachers are responsible for more than just academic enrichment. They are also liable for instilling ethical values, a life lesson that can benefit students immeasurably in the long run.

My experience here taught me so much about how to critically thinking and problem-solving. I learned to broaden my mind and see things from different points of view. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many wondrous friends and lecturers everywhere in PBI UII. For this, to me, is the best education.” 


PBI UII 2017

Irvan has just completed his undergrad study with his research on second/foreign language identity construction being published in a nationally-accredited journal.

His interest in second/foreign language identity grew from his dream of exploring the world. He was eager to learn other cultures, and it led him to explore factors influencing second language identity construction through his research. Within the context of his study, he found that the desire to learn a second language and the environment significantly influenced two participants’ second language identities. The length of time spent in a second/foreign language environment might also contribute to the process.

He added that doing research early made it easier for him to complete his undergrad thesis, or skripsi. In fact, PBI UII students who have scholarly published their work are given the privilege of passing the undergrad thesis defense, or sidang skripsi, with flying colors.
So, is it possible to start and complete your skripsi before the fourth year? Definitely yes!!! 

Nindy Fachuli Jannah 

PBI UII 2017

Nindy has a great desire to learn new cultures from around the world, but South Korea is her dream country to visit. In 2019, Nindy joined an event to get a scholarship in South Korea, but she failed. However, she participated in the same event again in 2020 and won the 3rd place for Champion Innovation Project Korea E-course with Dankook University.

Nindy remarked that the experience gave her the opportunity of speaking in front of many people internationally. Nindy delivered a presentation about the project that she and her team had prepared. She attributed her public speaking skills and confidence to what she had in PBI UII, in which all students had to attend courses on how to speak well in public.

In PBI UII, speaking is more than a skill; it is a way of getting engaged globally, and we will show you how!

Yola Ameliawati Agustin

PBI UII 2019

Yola is going to be deployed to an elementary school in the Special Region of Yogyakarta through Kampus Mengajar, a teaching practice program conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture. For a semester, Yola will have the opportunity not only to teach students but also to collaborate with other teachers in implementing digital technology as well as other kinds of innovation for improving student literacy.
This program exposes all the participants to real teaching-learning experiences in which they can practice leadership, empathy, communication skills, problem solving skills, and creativity. That is why Yola is very excited about getting started with the program soon.