Language Multimedia Laboratory

Language Multimedia Laboratory of English Language Education Study program is located in Mohammad Hatta Building, The Central Campus, Universitas Islam Indonesia. This digitally built-in laboratory provides supporting facilities such as multimedia computer, internet connection, learning program, and interactive whiteboard that can be used by the students for teaching practicum activities.

Microteaching Laboratory

Microteaching laboratory is a furnished classroom designed and used by pre-service teachers to do teaching simulation. The laboratory provides many kinds of supporting facilities such as LCD projector, computer units, an interactive and dynamic classroom design, glass boards, and CCTV camera.

SELTER (Self-Access Learning Center)

SELTER is a facility that provides space for students of English Language Education study program to learn independently. This modern designed independent study room provides many kinds of facilities such as computers to access online learning resources, books to support English learning, WiFi, whiteboards, tables and comfortable sofas to study.