Chasing Dreams to South Korea: Meet Our GKS Awardee

Nindy Fachuli Jannah, an alumnus of the English Language Education Department Universitas Islam Indonesia, has been awarded to pursue a Master’s Degree by South Korea’s prestigious scholarship called Global Korea Scholarship (GKS). Global Korea Scholarship is a scholarship program for international students to elevate international education exchange and deepen mutual friendship between Korea and participating countries. 

Nindy was granted this scholarship for her outstanding academic merit and non-academic performances in a community. Nindy will study for a Master of Education at Kongju University in Gongju, South Korea. She will get a fully funded scholarship that covers tuition fees, living expenses, and accommodations throughout her study. 

It is not solely lucky for Nindy to get this scholarship. She planned and seized every opportunity along the way. She held several leadership roles, such as head of study and research division that organized many projects, workshops, webinars, and volunteer activities; member of Central Language Improvement (CLI); facilitator during online learning. 

“Through those activities, I learned to manage myself and others, to be a good leader, to solve problems, work together as a team, lead a team, develop communication skills, and be a good leader that positively impacts others.”

Not stopping there, Nindy is passionate about carrying out community services due to her dedication to the surrounding society. She became a mentor in speaking training for senior high school students and joined Asia Pacific Youth SDGs Summit 2021 program to present her voice toward equal education. 

“Here, I do a project to socialize society about education. I presented that project in front of international audiences.”

Nindy also participated in the International Youth Connect: South Korea to communicate with others. She also gained 2nd place in the Korea E-Course Program in collaboration with Dankook University, which focuses on promoting Indonesian culture in Korea. 

“From those experiences, I learned many things and broadened my knowledge, experiences, and skills at the international level. Also, I can put all of my immersive experiences to upgrading my portfolio because it naturally links to my expertise in education.” 

Here are some tips and tricks from Nindy for you if you want to take the same pathway as her:

  1. Maintaining your GPA is essential. 
  2. Take part in both academic and non-academic activities. 
  3. Take an IELTS/TOEFL IBT/TOEIC (depends on your destination country)
  4. Searching for information you needed to apply for a scholarship abroad. 
  5. Prepare administrative documents way before its due (study plan, recommendation letters, personal statement, etc.).
  6. Apply and pray. 

Written by Ninik Tri Astutik

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