Popular Internet Idioms and Slang Used by Millenials

Every language has a differentiation of words in formal and everyday contexts. In English, there are also formal and informal common words or terms used by millennials and youth in everyday life. So, if you like English or want to speak like a native, the following are some typical internet words and idioms used daily.


  1. Lit

Lit is a slang word for extremely good, awesome, and incredible. It used to describe something very fun or fabulous.


A: “How was the graduation celebration?”

B: “It was lit!”


  1. Flex

Flex is used to replace the phrase show off or showing something owned or achieved.


“Leslie has been flexing her new car on her Instagram for three days.”


  1. Slay

​​Slay is slang used as an intransitive verb to express a good appearance or performance. This term has the same meaning as killed it.


“Dude, The Weeknd’s new album slayed!”


  1. Gucci

Gucci is a slang term adopted from a luxury brand and is used to express something good, cool or great.


A: “Hi, how have you been? Haven’t seen you in a while. Everything okay?”

B:  “Yeah everything’s Gucci. I’ve just been busy.”


  1. Cringe

Cringe is used to express a situation where we feel ashamed or disgusted when seeing something people do.


I cringe everytime I see Leslie flexing her new car on Instagram.”


  1. Savage

Savage is a term used to describe something really cool and great. Another word that has the same meaning as savage is badass.


A: “He asked me if he had to call me miss or mrs. I said it’s Dr.”

B: “That was savage.”


  1. No cap

No cap is used to emphasize a truth or honesty statement. The term that has another equivalent as no cap is seriously or no lie.


“I’m not cheating, no cap.”


  1. On fleek

On fleek is another expression of on point. It is used to express good things or do right at something on target.


“His outfit is always on fleek.”


  1. I’m dead

I’m dead is a phrase used to express something hilarious in hyperbole. In other contexts, this term means that someone is in big trouble.


  1. Irvan was late. He came into the class without taking his helmet off. Lol I’m dead.”
  2. “Oh God I forgot to turn in the final assignment for the grammar 101 class. I’m dead.”


  1. Peace out

Peace out is a slang expression used to say goodbye.


Gotta go home now. Peace out.”


  1. Spill the tea

Spill the tea is an idiom used to ask someone to gossip or something exciting or controversial.


A: “Seems that Nana is in a bit of hot water with Bunga.”

B: “No way! Spill the tea!”


  1. Gag me with a spoon

Gag me with a spoon is an idiom that functions to express dislike, annoyance or disgust towards something.


“I hate seeing people displaying affection in public – gag me with a spoon!”


  1. Understand the assignment

Understand the assignment is a phrase used as a compliment when someone does something well and beyond expectation.


A: “Our football team won the competition without even losing any single game.”

B: “Yeah! They really understood the assignment.”


  1. The sunset is beautiful, isn’t it?

The sunset is beautiful, isn’t it? Is used to replace the expression I love you, but I’m letting you go of someone who still has feelings for their ex-lover.


*posting an Instagram story with a picture of sunset with the hope of being noticed by someone*

Caption: “The sunset is beautiful, isn’t it?”

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