Tips for Doing Tasks in the Style of a High Achievers


Author: Luthfia Mariatul Fitriani


The High Achievers Work System refers to accomplishing a task by defining goals and working hard to reach those goals. This work system is usually carried out by ambitious people. If you want a work system like this, then you must be disciplined and have a strong personal drive to achieve certain goals.


People who work with this system are usually easy to take on responsibilities and naturally show leadership qualities. Often also helps his friend’s work in the team.


Please note, internal locus of control is one of the principles of people who work with this system. In other words, this person has the belief that only he or she is fully responsible for what happens within themselves.


Another unavoidable fact is that these High Achievers are perfectionists in all they do. They will find it difficult to ask for help from others,since they believe no one can perform as effectively as he can. People with this system are people who excel in terms of ability and responsibility.


So, you have to be careful in managing these High Achievers. The following are tips for doing assignments in the style of High Achievers:


1. Leave the word “bear”

You may have noticed that, when you are about to do something, you still have a procrastinating mentality. “Ah later, ah bear” words like these that usually haunt you. In a matter of 1 to 5 try you have to immediately do your task. This will minimize procrastination.


2. Delegating what to do alone, which to ask for help

Not all tasks have to be done alone, sometimes it would be better if done with the help of others. This can be applied through daily notes/to-do-lists, in order to control daily activities.


3. Stick to the simple system

With so many productivity systems to choose from, just choose simple management to keep track of your tasks. You can use Notion, Google Calendar and so on.


4. Learn to do everything quickly

Some people do have problems if they do something that requires quick control. You might begin by assigning a deadline to each of your tasks in order to be trained. Although it will be forced upon you, you will eventually become accustomed to time management.


5.Creative VS Administrative Work Balance

Please note, there are 2 kinds of division of tasks: creatives (which requires exploration of ideas) and critical thinking as well as administrative tasks (which is enjoyable and not challenging). In reality, these two things must be in balance. In doing creative work, you choose where the brain time works most effectively. While administrative work is completed when the brain works is relaxed.


You can apply these tips from now on. Hopefully useful and can make yourself a better worker.

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