The Best Time Management Application or Planner

Author: Luthfia Mariatul Fitriani


One of the definitions of time management is achieving one’s key goals in life by putting aside pointless activities that take up a lot of time. In other words, time management can be interpreted by planning, organizing, tightening and managing time.


Time is one of the work resources that must be managed properly and effectively. The purpose of this time management is the productivity ratio of output and input.


You can effortlessly live life if you have a good time management system in place. Everything is properly organized, therefore the only thing left to do is optimize the implementation.


Keep in mind that everyone has a variety of ways to help his life be more organized. Some are digital-based and some are non-digital. It all comes back to you, whether you can use digital or not.


Below are examples of applications that can help manage your life:


1. Notion

Notion is a workspace or note-taking application, wikis, tasks and databases. Notion has an attractive and easy-to-use interface. There are many features in this application, such as tables, timeline, kanban board, calendar and to-do list.


2. Trello

This app is perfect for managing team projects. Trello is famous for its attractive and easy-to-see kanban boards. Project assignments, deadlines, progress status can be added with your friends, so everyone knows the program.


3. Miro

Although Miro has fewer features than other applications, it has a board-like interface, so you can add sticky notes. In addition, in this application you can add links, view documents and add photos.


4. ClickUp

This application is suitable for your project management. ClickUp has a status feature that allows you to place a completed task, time spent, and compare with other tasks. ClickUp has priority, goals, and comments features that you and your team can use.


5. Asana

Asana is an application for cool work management. This application is suitable for managing task lists and project lists. In addition, Asana has a collaboration feature with your friends. Asana also uses an attractive appearance but is simple and easy to set up.


6.Google Calendar.

Surely this application is already booming in your ears. Although this application is simple, it is very suitable for task management. This application features tasks, events, and reminders.


In addition, this application is also connected to Google Meet, so you can schedule meetings through this Google Calendar. You can use the reminder feature because a notification will appear on your device.


7. LucidChart

This application is different from other applications, LucidChart is a diagramming platform that helps you create a systematic flow of thought. This application does not have a task management feature like other applications. Commonly used diagrams are flowcharts or org charts. In addition, this application has the feature of collaboration with your friends.


Those are 7 applications that can help in your life management. It is hoped that with this application, your life is more organized and you are more excited. Good luck!

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