4 Recommended Books on Self-Development

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Author: Luthfia Mariatul Fitriani


In life, there are many activities with different goals. There are those who chase their dreams, pursue jobs, fulfill their calling in life by serving others and so on. It’s a shame, if you pass the day just passing the time, without any particular good intentions.


In fact, humans compile with the environment for 2 reasons: the need to control the environment and maintain its survival. Therefore, it must be balanced with optimal self-development.


Especially if you are a student, you must immediately develop yourself well. For example, by participating in activities that are linear with ideals, participating in programs that are beneficial to oneself and others, and actively participating in any activities and contributions for the realization of a better self. If students’ self-development has found a common thread, then students will easily pursue future careers.


On the other hand, there is a need to control the environment, so humans will be encouraged to continue to learn and develop themselves. Not a few people who feel anxious when it is difficult to manage in self-development. Therefore, let’s try to read some of the recommended books below to learn about self-development:


1.  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This book gives you vitamins on building good habits. Therefore, indirectly, your bad habits will be eroded, as you read and understand this book. As the saying goes, “good things don’t come by themselves.” In this book, it is stated that there are 7 human habits that can be practiced so that life can be more productive and effective. When viewed broadly, it is divided into 3 groups, namely habits related to oneself, habits related to other people, and habits to develop self-skills.


2. Grit

This book explains that the key to success is not talent, but grit: a combination of passion and persistence. Keep in mind that grit is a combination of desire and fighting power to achieve long-term goals. So you must have full effort and passion in this life. Usually people who have full grit will be able to maintain enthusiasm and motivation in the long term, even though failures and difficulties continue to hit.


3. The Power of Habit

This book contains self-control that can change your mindset in responding to a situation. Because your habits will affect yourself and others. This book discusses thoroughly about the enormity of habit. In addition, this book discusses the reasons for forming habits, the elements of habits, and how to change habits within yourself. This book teaches you to change old habits into new habits for your success in life.


4. Don’t Turn a Small Problem into a Big Problem.

You will be presented with a way not to worry about small things and how to control yourself when faced with problems. In this book, learn a new perspective or perspective on a problem in life so it doesn’t interfere with your life. This book is perfect for people who easily panic when facing problems as well as business people who want to improve their self-control skills. There are many interesting things you will learn in this book, for example: the reasons why you have to come to terms with imperfection, how to control yourself and to be more patient.


That’s the recommendation of a book about self-development. Please read immediately and hopefully it will be useful. Because the process of improving yourself is certainly not easy. Besides having a good partner, you need to replenish your knowledge by reading books.

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