CALL FOR PAPER JEE: Journal of English and Education


JEE: Journal of English and Education was first published in 2007. Changes have occurred several times regarding the front cover and the system. The journal lasted for six years until Volume 7 Number 2 in 2013. The next edition in 2022 (Volume 8 Number 1) will remark the reborn of the journal. This continuation also remarks the excessive development in terms of the application of OJS, progressive adaptation of the use of writing styles and reference style (APA Style Seventh Edition), and a more complete and attractive web interface. Another significant change occurs in the layout of the sections in journal articles with a fresher appearance. The article history of each article also includes the indicated progress features.


Call for Paper JEE: Journal of English and Education

Volume 8 No 1 May 2022

JEE provides a forum for researchers, linguists, teachers, and scholars in English language education and applied linguistics to contribute to the debate on this area from multilingual perspectives. The journal invites articles with specific interests in:

  • Innovations/New Technologies in Language Teaching
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Curriculum Development and Syllabus Design
  • Teacher Education and Professional Development
  • Motivation and Language Learning
  • Teacher and Learner Autonomy
  • Teacher and Learner Identity
  • Language Learning Strategies
  • Language Assessment
  • Multilingual Practices
  • Critical Literacy

JEE is published biannually and peer-reviewed externally to ensure quality and contribution to the field. It welcomes research, review, and opinion- or practice-based articles with reference to the following author’s guidelines.

To submit your manuscript, please register here. The OJS tutorial for the new user is here. The manuscript template is also available in this website.

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