Getting Along Well with Deadlines


University life requires that students have to manage their time well. How you choose to spend your time can determine the success and failure of your academic career. As a university student, completing deadlines is a responsibility. Not only because assignments are one of the essential parts of your assessment, but they will also be a key part of most jobs that you will be working in after university.


Unfortunately, most students do not use their time effectively. Even when they have a lot of assignments to do, they keep delaying assignments and never get started on them until the deadline is less than 24 hours. So, it becomes so exhausting and has an impact on the quality of your assignment because you have to rush to finish it in a night. If you start working on assignments early, you’ll have enough time to edit your assignments and maximize the quality. When you manage your time well, you will be rewarded with good grades and praise for better assignment quality. Conversely, when you are exhausted and under-pressured, then you don’t have enough time to revise or proofread your assignment.


Here are some tips to spend your time more effectively without rushing to the last minute.


  • Set the deadlines

The first practical step that you can take for managing deadlines is to set aggressive time limits. Setting time limits is different from setting a date deadline. With a deadline, you can potentially spend 5 hours or more on an assignment. While using time limits, you can set yourself 2 hours maximum to finish the task. It will motivate you to complete your assignment and see that setting your own time is crucial.


  • Break down the task

A task usually has smaller parts that you can complete step-by-step. Do not try to tackle the entire task all at once, break it down into smaller and set the reasonable time you need to complete each step to keep your task manageable. Try to focus on one task first, once you’re done you can move on to the next task.


  • Set up reward and punishment

Another great tool to stay motivated to get deadlines done on time is by giving yourself a reward and punishment. If you have finished your assignment on time, give yourself a reward (e.g. ordering some food, watching an episode of a TV series, or reading some heartwarming novel). When behavior is followed by a pleasant outcome, we are more likely to repeat that pleasant outcome. By rewarding yourself whenever you have completed a task well, it will motivate you to work on your things effectively next time. On the other hand, if you fail to do your assignment on time, give yourself harmless punishment like no watching a TV series or no social media until you completed your assignment. It is important to make you stay motivated in completing your assignments.


  • Don’t keep the deadline to yourself

One of the essential components for getting along well with deadlines includes regular communication and providing status updates with your friends or family. You can tell them that you have set up deadlines for completing assignments or a project. They will keep an eye on you and remind you whenever you almost miss the deadlines.



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