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The data in UII LIA is secret so that not everyone is allowed to accesss it. To access it, you to log in first. Among those who are allowed to access it are students of UII, their parents, and UII staffs. User ID and password used are the same as used in intranet of UII, so it is important to keep your passwrod secret and for your password safety, you are advised to periodically change it. Do not forget to log out after accessing your data in order to protect your data from other.


For students parents willing to know their beloved children academic information and development, UniSys provides facility to monitor study activities, academic ahievment, payment orderliness and library activities.

If you haven’t User ID and Password, please register online by accessing then chose Registrasi Ortu/Wali menu in left side, fill all required data in list, after the data in completely filled, click Kirim buttom. After online registration, you then need to confirm to email f03fbf0a484040fb799c801ca2ae3382 by mentioning student name, student number and parent name to make sure your account will be soon provided. Besides that, you can also apply User ID and password by sending an e-mail to f03fbf0a484040fb799c801ca2ae3382 or by faxing to (0274) – 898459 up. Borad of Information System of UII, completed with the following attachements:
– Copy of parent ID Card
– Copy of student ID
– Address or phone number of parent
– Statement as student parent
As soon as you send, your User ID and password will be sent to you


We hope you enjoy the facility.

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