General Information of UniSys

UniSys is a one account digital portal for students, parents, university staffs and alumni to access various services in the information system of the University. Most important services is academic information system (called LIA – Layanan Informasi Akademik) and internet based academic plan for students (RAS – Rencana Akademik Semester) for active students, parents and staffs.

Exclusively for university staff, the SIE or Sistem Informasi Eksekutif enable you to access various academic and administrative data depends on the level of authorization and access-rank. For lectures, you may also find your administrative and academic related data on the UniSys.

The SIMAWAL – Sistem Informasi Alumni – provides alumni digital space in order to keep in touch with both the University and other alumni.

In the UniSys you may also find admission service especially built for prospective students.

If you have already the login identification please login here UniSys.

If you haven’t, please feel free to contact


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