Cambridge TKT is a set of globally recognized and accepted teaching qualifications for testing teaching knowledge and skills. This certificate is very important and is recommended for prospective teachers who want to work or study abroad as well as schools that use English as the language of instruction. Apart from prospective teachers, this certification is also useful for active teachers as proof of their teaching abilities, which will certainly have an impact on their teaching qualifications and competencies. This certificate from Cambridge Assessment English is the English Language Education Department’s commitment to ensure that the students and alumni have competency standards for teaching English in accordance with international standards from Cambridge.

The initiator of this certification program in collaboration with the Briton English Education Authorized Exam Center of Cambridge Assessment, Intan Pradita, S.S., M.Hum., believes that the opportunity to become an English teacher in Southeast Asia and West Asia is increasingly open for English Education graduates on an international level. On a national level, the international curriculum, especially the Cambridge Curriculum, has also been increasingly used as a supplement to the government’s curriculum. Thus, one of the supporting skills to seize this opportunity is through the Cambridge TKT certification for prospective English teachers. This certification will be held regularly and will provide opportunities to improve teaching competence & qualifications not only for active students, but also for prospective graduates and alumni of the English Language Education Study Program at Universitas Islam Indonesia.