Learning Islamic Values

One of the Islamic University of Indonesia main purposes as formulated in the Statute of the UII is to create Muslim scholars and national leaders who have high quality in leadership, have willingness to give beneficial to society, master Islamic knowledge, and are able to implement Islamic values, as well as highly competitive in global world. To achieve the objectives that have been proclaimed, UII realized that one important thing to do is praparing students during their study in university. In order to do that, UII equip students, not only with the hard-skills that are explicitly raised in the curriculum, but also with the soft-skills required for scholars and leaders of nations in the future.

UII has formulated Student Development Patterns with main goals to develop students who have: (a) Islamic-minded, guided by the principles of akhlakul Karimah based on faith and piety to Allah Ta’ala and implemention of Islamic values ??in all forms of activity (dakwah Islamiyah), (b) scientific attitude, innovate productively devoted to the practice and science and technology responsibly, honestly, in accordance with the norms prevailing in the world of education that is useful for the development of people, society, nation and state, (c ) vision of nationality, with high national commitment, open, fond of deliberation, and have a social responsibility as the implementation of rahmatan lil’alamin. In addition, in particular students are expected to be: (a) human being who understands Tauhid existence and divinity, which is manifested in the form of understanding and implementation of a function as a worshiper of Allah and His caliph in the earth, (b) the man of knowledge who understand the scientific paradigm in the form understanding the historical development of science, and critical response to the ideas, understand the nature of science, and able to develop and practice the knowledge they had, (c) professional man who has a work ethic according to Islam, mastering science and technology, skilled at applying it, and is responsible to the profession, (d) leaders who understand the concept of Islamic leadership and able to apply it in themselves, their families, and communities.

Departing from the awareness of the importance of Islamic values ??in the Islamic University of Indonesia, UII has a directorate that is responsible for the training and development of students and dakwah Islamiyah, inside and outside the campus. Directorate of Islamic Training and Develpment (or Direktorat Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Agama Islam abbreviated as DPPAI) is the directirate that dedicates its efforts to develop students skills in Islamic teaching and practices to improve themselves in the future. A bi agenda of DPPAI to do is to build a good and sincere relations with all Ull familiy and the community for mutual support in realizing mission of Islam in accordance with the expectations of all of us. One effort to build good, honest and open relationships is by issuing DPPAI profile so that all the academic community and the public can know about DPPAI vision, mission, programs and the people in the management structure.


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